The Dating Game

Happy Saturday Readers,

As you know that this blog is about healthy living so just about any topic you can think of would qualify as a topic to discuss on this blog.  Including dating or shall I say dating in your 50s.

Who remembers the Dating Game Show that aired on ABC from the 1960s to 1980s? The show was created by Chuck Barris and hosted by Jim Lange and others.  The premise of the show was that a bachelorette/bachelor would ask a series of questions to three hidden people of the opposite sex and pick one when the time ran out to go out on a date paid for by ABC.    Sounds like fun, right?

Fast forward to the year 20XX and shows like the Bachelor and Bachelorette airing on prime time TV allow the single girl/guy to offer a wedding proposal from a pool of 25 of eligible contestants. Final contestants travel to exotic locations around the world and engage in dramatic, creative, wild, romantic and fun activities (bungee jumping, helicopter rides, kissing the Blarney Stone upside down… you get the picture) as part of the getting to know each other stage of the relationship with expenses paid for by the production company .  Also sounds like fun, right?

Let me tell you, that dating is not that simple in real life.  Since I opened my heart in the summer of 2017 to the possibility of dating again I learned that meeting a person organically is almost non existent unless you are bar hopping every night or have friends that have lots of single and eligible friends.  I have  learned that in the real life world at the age of 52 you meet eligible bachelors at online dating sites such as,, Eharmony, Tinder to name a few.

I’m sure most of you know how online dating sites work unless you have been living under a rock.  Select your dating site(s), upload a photo(s) that you think you look really really good in, answer a few multiple choice questions about the type of match you are looking for, write a personalized profile advertising how awesome, fun and great you are and hit enter to publish.

Easy peasy, right? Not exactly.  Online dating is like you have been arrested and are standing in a police line up but instead of the eye witness picking a suspect they are picking potential prospects to date as the pictures of allegedly single people or personalized matches the dating site picked for you flash across whatever electronic device /app you are using.  Then it’s trial, error(s), waiting game to find that special connection to spark and light up your in box before you decide to take it to the next level and exchange your real name and telephone number.

Let’s hit the pause button for now…. because there is lots to talk about regarding my experiences with online dating and I will be sharing some fun(ny) stories about what it is like to date in your 50s using an online dating app/website.

Now for the comments…… Tell, tell… I am interested in your thoughts about the online dating world.

Pearl Jam Eve

Hello Readers,

Just when you think the holidays are over….think again.  I have designated tonight as Pearl Jam Eve! I’m sure you are wondering what kind of holiday is that.  Well, for starters Pearl Jam did not tour in 2017 which makes a die hard fan/groupie very very sad and want to celebrate any day that involves top secret information about an upcoming US tour. Especially after the incredible shows in 2016 at both Fenway Park and Wrigley Stadium. Pearl Jam may not be your favorite band or perhaps some of you reading have never even heard of this Seattle Grunge band before; but, let me tell you that once you go to a PJ show, you can easily become an addict. Trust me on this one….been there done that!  And to my knowledge there are no medications, therapy or support group sessions to help you overcome this addiction.  The endorphins you experience during a 4 hour PJ show is equivalent to the runner’s high you get after crossing the finish line of a marathon. The major difference is that you do not have to endure the pain in your body from covering 26.2 miles on asphalt and you get to experience the runner’s high for at least 4 hours during the show and the days that follow as you recap every single song and dance.

I am hoping that all of the social media channels are reporting accurate information because tomorrow will be the best holiday gift if Pearl Jam’s Ten Club officially announce  their American tour dates.  All I have to say is that it’s about time!!!

Pearl Jam Fenway Road Trip 8/5 & 8/7/2016

12 Tell Tale Signs that you are Pearl Jam Addict:

  1.  You renew your SiriusXM to listen exclusively to channel 22 of commercial free Pearl Jam radio.
  2. Your iPhone wallpaper is a picture of Ed, Mike, Stone, Matt, Jeff, Boom or the band.
  3. You have more photos of Ed and the band in your people photo albums compared to any of your friends or family on your phone.  
  4. You send text messages to people that are experts and make a career at securing premium concert tickets as a back up plan if all else fails with Ten Club lottery or Ticketmaster.   
  5. At the last minute you buy upgraded concert tickets the day before a show and sell the original tickets you purchased on EBay.  
  6. You pretend Ed sharpied the letter “K” over his heart on his t-shirt to acknowledge the first letter of your name but really it was to pay tribute to the late Kurt Cobain. 
  7. You make several trips to an ATM in the middle of the night in your pajamas attempting to take more money out than the ATM will allow on a given day to pay for the aforementioned upgraded tickets.  When all else fails you ask the front desk person at the hotel to borrow some cash until the next day.
  8. You would quit your job and work as the band’s personal registered dietitian to ensure they are well nourished and that Mike McCready’s does not have a flare up with his Crohn’s disease while on tour.
  9. You have watched the Let’s Play Two documentary at least 100 times since its release on 11/17/2017 and you know exactly what time interval you appear because the camera person includes the spectators standing outside during the surprise rooftop show at Murphy’s.

    Eddie- Murphy’s Rooftop 8/19/2017  

  10. You travel with your own 10-cup coffee pot and toaster to shows to save money for Merch and upgraded concert tickets.
  11. You write in your online dating profile that being a “Pearl Jammer” is a plus and hope they would want to join the Jamily.
  12. You find a way to have Eddie with you at all times when you are running.

Hello, my name is Kathleen and I am a Pearl Jam addict and guilty of the 12 tell tale signs noted above. Hang loose Pearl Jammers… Tomorrow is going to be a good day!  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!!

Happy Pearl Jam Eve people.

Greetings & Salutations

Hello Readers,

Bless me Father for I have sinned it has been way way too long sing I last blogged. Please forgive me since lots has happened in my life (both personally and professionally) and I will say the required number of Hail Mary’s that is required for you to  read this post.  Today, I was thinking about Fittitude 2 Freedom and something sparked to get me inspired to check in. Not too mention, I recently reconnected with my undergrad college roomies on a road trip to Long Island and they told me that they enjoyed reading my blog entries and encouraged me to start pounding the keyboard again.  I had no idea they were even reading!

I have probably lost all my followers by now based on the time lapse so I will make a concerted effort to earn back your respect and loyalty.  You have to start somewhere and I figured this was a good starting point.


Last you knew, I was working on my masters in nutrition and I am happy to say that I am done with that as well as my dietetic internship and now gainfully employed in a career that I enjoy in public health nutrition.  Remember my motto, Do What You Love and Love What You Do!  I guess I accomplished that goal.  

Since my blog entry…… Hmmm…….  So my has happened and changed in my life….

Sadly, I lost my husband to pancreatic cancer on July 19, 2015 as many of the regular readers new that he was battling that awful disease for many years.

On a positive note, I have traveled to Italy and India and rocked several Pearl Jam and countless other live concerts,  I hope to recap on how both of those trips and concerts impacted my life with future blog entries.

I’m going to keep this entry short and sweet because I have no idea if this will even reach the blogosphere and all of my social media accounts.

Happy New Year and I truly hope that all of your Fittitude resolutions are alive and well!

We will chat again real soon!

As always, comments are always welcome!


Identity Crisis

There is no question that I have endured my share of stress this year. After being told that my husband had pancreatic cancer on April 4th, 2011 my entire life changed in a matter of seconds. I knew immediately that our life as we knew it, would no longer ever be the same.

Learning about this horrible diagnosis and prognosis that comes along with it, was enough to transform my whole outlook on life. The things that I thought were once important, like my career as a practice administrator, seemed secondary and unimportant to everything else going on. To go on record, it was the first time in my adult life that I put my life and family in front of my career. You could say that my priorities were all f’d up.

In life we all have to make choices. Sometimes our choices are right on and other times we regret and learn from those mistakes. I know for certain that I have no regrets about my choice to be with my husband every step of the way as he battles this disease and crushes every prognosis statistic ever documented. He will be the man who will make history and ruin the curve because he is at the top of his class.

Thinking back on how two individuals had the nerve to challenge or question my decision to go to Baltimore and leave my career just infuriates me. Not to mention the emotional turmoil it created in my life up until the last hour before my departure. I know for a fact that these individuals would have done the exact same thing as I did- no questions asked. I believe they thought that my life was somehow less important than theirs or something like that. You know who you are if you ever stumble upon this blog- so shame on you! I still need to work on coming to terms with the anger element in that scenario.

I would be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult saying goodbye to my job, healthy paycheck and benefits. It was like I lost my identity because I no longer had an impressive title attached to my name and nowhere to go from Monday to Friday. As I reflect back on the earlier months when I was feeling down about leaving my job, I just laugh at myself now. I learned that I was stagnant in my career anyways, and not utilizing the skills and MBA that I had earned and worked so hard to acquire.

I have had the time to really think about what my next career adventure will be and soon I will be sharing those thoughts with all of you. I know for certain that whatever I decide to do, I will make a difference in this world and help people who want to be helped and that money is not everything!  First and foremost it will have absolutely nothing to do with babysitting adults. Been there, done that and will never do that again. It was a thankless career choice and I will use extreme caution selecting my so-called second home.

It goes to show you that what appeared to be the worst poker hand dealt turned out to be a royal flush. You never know what life is going to throw at you so try to make the best out of it even if the circumstances suck. Open your heart and eyes to the new doors and opportunities that will eventually come your way.

I would love to read what you have to say about my identity crisis. Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever put your job before family and friends? Feel free to even disagree with my choices.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with fun activities. See you all next week.

Reservation or Race?

Hello… is there anybody out there?

Did you miss me? Don’t feel obligated to answer that question because I know that I have been silent on this blog for a long time.  I am happy to say that I am in the final weeks counting down the days, hours and minutes to my summer break.  Well, the relief will be reality when I complete 2 more presentations, submit 1 huge A$$ nutrition education curriculum with my group, write 1 media critique, and submit the final 3 papers.   Yep, my to-do list is finally trimmed down to 7 items so I am taking a little breather to write this short post.

The old news that I want to highlight today has to do with the Boilermaker?  Remember this post?  Well, this year the Utica Boilermaker sold out in just 2 hours, 19 minutes.  Record time once again! That’s right 14,000 runners registered to complete the 15k road race on July 13, 2014.  I am happy to report that Tim and I are in and probably were some of the first few hundred that got in considering we typing our name and address on the online registration process the second the flood gates opened.


Word on the street is that Boilermaker officials are contemplating various ways (i.e. lottery system) to deal with registration in future years to come that accommodates this crazy high demand.  Obviously, I have my own agenda on how this system should work since I have run 20+ Boilermaker races and want to ensure my slot in the lineup.  However, I do understand the strong desire for others to want to join in on the fun.  I guess we will have to wait and see what the race director will decide to do.

Complicating the race registration process even more  is that I have heard of this new trend that there are runners/walkers that sign up for several of these “coveted sell out road races” to ensure they have a bib by making a just in case I want to run reservation.  When in reality they have no intention of running the race.  Kind of like reserving a hotel room one year in advance then canceling last minute when you remember that you forget to to take the time off at work.    This reservation nonsense and “no show” mentality blocks other runners who really want to participate and run the in race. Not cool. Granted individuals that do this still have to pay the registration fee to get in; but I am not sure why anyone would want waste this kind of money.    The Boilermaker still allows runners to transfer their bib to another runner but I’m sure that time is ticking when they will follow suit with other huge high demand races that have no transfer policies.


What do you think of these sellout races?   Thoughts on this reservation trend? Tell, tell me what you think in the comments…