The “F” Words

Merriam Webster defines fitness as the quality or state of being fit.  Attitude is defined as a disposition, state of mind, feeling or emotion toward a fact or state.  When you blend these two words together you get Fittitude which is not defined in any dictionary.  Therefore, I have no choice but to define this new nine letter word as i see “fit”.

Fitt·i·tude – n. 1.   an attitude on how one feels toward their overall fitness, health, wellness and well-being.

You have the freedom to choose between positive and negative fittitude.  But, the goal of this blog will be to create more positive fittitude as it applies to your family, friends, fitness, food, finances, fashion and fun.  The fittitude definition and this blog will continue to grow and take on new meaning.

It’s up to you to decide which way you want to go.  Please be a part of Fittitude Freedom!