Last weekend I attended the Healthy Living Summit in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA.  It was a wonderful conference filled with hundreds of healthy living bloggers, delicious food, informative seminars and generous sponsors, on living a balanced and healthy life.  The social activities were well planned and conducive for networking with experienced bloggers.

Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, LDN author of The Flexitarian Diet  was the keynote speaker sponsored by Quaker.  One of her presentations on The Power of  “Action Mantras”, was delivered with so much conviction and enthusiasm it totally caught my attention.  Dawn talked about how every action we make is preceded by a thought; and, if these thoughts are repeated, positive results will could be achieved.  She stated that repetition = results.  One of her mantras that she talked about dealt with office sabotage with food.  I lived this every day.  Working  in a medical practice where the food parties were almost daily.  Celebrating for birthdays, weddings, flag day, Cinco De Mayo, first sunny day in Syracuse, or for no reason at all is what our office did for food.  Not to mention the vendors and pharmaceutical representatives dropping off goodies regularly.  Dawn’ s action mantra to combat this sabotage of food is ” NO FREE FOOD”.  She went on to talk about how if you really, really, really want to indulge in the whatever snack that you are tempted by, do it – but go and buy it yourself. If you can stick by this mantra, even some of the time,  think of how many calories you would save on a daily basis.   Free food samples are all over the place to entice you to buy product and you can’t escape them.

After taking Dawn’s advice, I formulated one of my own mantras for running.  It’s not that I need a mantra to motivate me to run because I love to run and hope to run for life.  It’s for me to achieve my performance  goals in races.   Mantras can be whatever words you want to create that are easy to remember and repeat for results.   

Here it goes: Kathleen’s Mantra:  Carve out, consistency and cute outfit. 

In order for me to achieve my race times, I need to carve out the time needed to train for the distances I want to race well at.   The runs need to be consistent in order for me to maintain the foundation and  build the strength necessary for the physical demands of running.   Lastly, in my opinion, I need to feel good in my workout clothing so why not wear something cute that I love.

Please share your mantras  in the comments section.  I would love to read them!