It’s All About “Me Time”

I often hear people talking about how they don’t have the time to fit exercise into their day.  It’s true, there never seems to be enough hours in the day.  But no matter how busy you are, there are others who are even busier and who have more time commitments.  Are we our own worst enemies cramming more and more into our ever so busy schedule?  It’s time to set  priorities and schedule “me time” each and every day. I believe the benefits from exercise is one of the most important health investments we can do for ourselves and should be on the top of your priority list. 

My husband and I do not have children, so you would think we would have hours of disposable time to workout each day.  So not true.  My husband and I are both professionals and work 40 plus hours each week. Or recently,  one of us now reports to an official office every day.  That does not leave many awake hours left  in the day to prepare healthy meals, clean up the mess we made from preparing those healthy meals, and time necessary to take care of the basic needs inside and outside of our house.  Our weekends are typically jammed packed with errands. Social get togethers with family and friends, grocery shopping, dropping off and picking up dry cleaning, boat loads of laundry, and getting the household back in order for the next work week. These things are all important to us, so we have to prioritize our to-do lists and make choices.  It’s a vicious cycle, but we manage to find time to exercise just about every day. 

I agree that children added into the household equation can make finding “me time” a little more challenging, but it can be done.  Parents are in control of their children’s schedule and have the power to limit their activities and social calendar. 

All I am saying is that we are all busy and need to dedicate a time slot for “me time” every day.  Here are a few tips that might help if you are struggling finding “me time”.

  • First and foremost, explore your exercise options and find a workout you love to do and make it fun. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it.  Don’t be afraid to try something new and add it to your routine.
  • Schedule your workout into your whatever calendar system you use to keep track of your schedule.   Treat the workout like an appointment and do not reschedule.  Once you start to reschedule your “me time” appointment, chances are it will drop off  to the bottom of your to-do list .
  • Decide if you like to work out in the morning, afternoon, or evening and go from there.  I workout in the early morning hours by choice.  I love running so much that I want my workout to be the first thing I do every day.   Running is like brushing my teeth and sets the tone for my day.   It gives me the energy to tackle what’s up ahead. 
  • Find a partner or group to work out with in your area.  Group exercise will keep you honest about working out because you will not want to disappoint your friends by being a no-show.   The social aspect of working out with friends is also fun and can be quite challenging. Especially if you have some competitive individuals in the group.
  • Join a gym for those moms and dads reading this.  Most gyms offer daycare services filled with activities for your kids.   Gyms also have a variety of exercise classes to try out so you can find something that you will stick to.
  • There is always home exercise videos, video games, home exercise equipment, and telephone apps out there to try when there is absolutely no way to leave the house.  You can find many of these videos at your local public library to try out for free before making a permanent investment. 

Remember, it  is all about  “me time” even if it’s for just 15 minutes a day.  Once you make the commitment to yourself to exercise, and your loved ones understand how important this workout means to you, you will have only wished that you carved out “me time” sooner.