They’re Baack!!

The NYS Fair , leaves on the pavement, noticable amount of daylight hours disappearing, and out of control allergies are the tell-tale signs that fall is in the air.  Fall is my favorite season for running.  I love the cool and crisp air in the mornings with no humidity. 

However, when I start to observe the streets that I am running on are lined with more colorful license plates, and that the  beer coolers are practically empty at the local supermarkets, I know that the students of Syracuse University are back.  Today marks the first day of classes for the students of SU. 

There was no escaping their arrival on my run today.  The campus activity was alive and well early this morning.  It seemed like every student I saw was either texting or talking on their cell phones.  In fact, I almost got in a head on collision with one student walking down a flight of stairs with her eyes glued to the phone. If they could walk, talk, and text at the same time, I am sure they would.  To make my run a little interesting after the almost crash, I tried to count how many students had a cell phone in hand with their little thumbs bouncing up and down.  Trust me, it was easier to count those who were deviceless. 

The real shocker is when I spied a cyclist peddling to class and texting at the time.  I’m telling ya the truth on that one. 

Who could these students be talking to or texting at 6 AM ? Do you think they all had emergencies at the same time? Can you tell that I am annoyed because my run was interrupted with all of this nonsense going on.

Cell phone use and texting in public places is out of control and is dangerous when operating any type of transportation vehicle.  Maybe it’s only me, but every year it gets worse. I am a proponent for multi-tasking, but something has gotta give with all of this talking and texting going on in public areas.  There is a time and place for cell phone use and I have taken the liberty to jot down my rules.  Most of these rules are common sense and should be obvious.

The Fittitude Freedom’s Cell Phone Etiquette guidelines. This means to not only silence your phone but put the device away to avoid the temptation.  Seriously, if you are expecting a call that is so important, you need to excuse yourself.

  • while dining with others at home, work, coffee shops or restaurants
  • while hanging out or visiting family & friends
  • participating in therapeutic activities like knitting or yoga
  • at the movie theatre
  • walking or running in any public place
  • places of worship
  • grocery store, farmers market, or any retail establishment
  • at the gym
  • while operating any type of transportation vehicle or heavy machinery
  • at your job
  • weddings, funerals
  • job interview – yes,  a candidate’s cell phone did ring  while I was interviewing her
  • in the classroom

I would love to hear what you all have to say regarding my rant on cell phone use.  Agree or disagree… I am open to your all of your comments and a healthy discussion.   This could be fun.