If I Could Turn Back Time

I don’t have many regrets on where I am in my life right now.  I am extremely happy despite all the life changing events that have occurred this year with my husband and my career.    If I could make the PC diagnosis that my husband received in March go away, that would be at the top of my list.  In reality, I know that I don’t have the powers to do that.  But I do have the knowledge to share with you on some lessons I have learned along the way.   It’s never too late to introduce these rituals or suggestions.

1.  Facial cleansers-  I just got on this bandwagon 3 years ago.  Up until the age of 42, I would scrub my face with the same soap bar I was using for my body.  Gross & BIG mistake! Using soap  specifically designed for your face and skin type really does makes a difference.  My skin is so much more clean, radiant, hydrated and less sensitive since I have started a regular face cleansing regiment.

2.  Facial moisturizer & sunscreens- another no brainer – but I never put an ounce of moisturizer or sunscreen on my skin until I turned 42.  Since I learned my lesson the hard way,  I am obsessed with finding the perfect moisturizer.  I have tried so many brands in varying price ranges that work well.   I like to mix up the moisturizer routine based on the change of seasons to see if I get different results.  Don’t forget to ask the beauty professionals for samples to try before making the investment.  I also learned this week that if you are not completely satisfied with your product purchase from Sephora, you can return it for a full refund or exchange.  Just remember to save those receipts.

3.  Eating breakfast- As a kid and through college I ate breakfast everyday.  Maybe that was because my mom and the cafeteria workers in college were preparing tasty morning meals for me.  Then post college,  I discovered caffeine -a/k/a coffee which became my breakfast of champions.  There is some truth backed up by tons of research on why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I do try to eat breakfast every day, even if it is just a smoothie or nutrition bar when I am pressed for time. 

4.  Sunglasses- I have the deep wrinkles between my eye brows to prove why you should always wear sunglasses.   Now,  I never leave the house without these suckers period.   Invest in a good pair  of quality shades that offer 99-100%  UVA/UVB light protection. Sunglasses are cool accessory so there is no reason not to wear these babies.  Wear them when it’s sunny and wear them when it’s cloudy.  And if you want to be like  Corey Hart, wear them at night.

5.  Diet soda -I have to admit, that drinking diet sodas is still a habit of mine.  I do try to limit my consumption of daily diet Cokes, but it is hard.  There was a time when I used to drink a six-pack of this carbonated refreshment every day.   Again, the common denominator with #3 above – CAFFEINE.  In all seriousness, I love freshly brewed hot and cold teas.  In fact, the Yerba Mate teas contain a stimulant that is similar to coffee without the nasty side effects.  You get more bang for your buzz because these teas are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

6.  Marriage at 25- Weddings are contagious when you are young.  All it takes is one of your close friends to get married then the domino effect takes over.  Before you know it, you are in or attending weddings every single weekend.  Then you find yourself planning your own wedding.  In my opinion, every young adult needs to spend the first couple of  years post college establishing themselves personally and professionally.  If it were up to me, I would put an age requirement of 28-30 to get married.   Divorces are emotionally draining, expensive and a waste of your valuable time. 

Now it’s your turn to tell me what you would do if you could turn back time.  I would love to read any tips or suggestions you have in the comment section below.