Weed Out Wednesdays – The Letter B

WOW stands for Weed Out Wednesdays.  Every Wednesday for the next 25 weeks, I will be tailoring my post so you can weed out your homes and closets without feeling overwhelmed that you have to tackle the whole house in one day.  I will make my way through the alphabet one letter at a time and try to cover every imaginable item in your closet and home. 

You should feel the WOW factor once you start this process and have opened up valuable real estate sections in your cupboards, closets, drawers and other storage spaces in you home or apartment.   

Left-Keep/Right-Throw it out

I am happy to report that last week, I tossed 7 aprons, 1 pair of roller blades- athletic equipment, and almost all of my athletic awards and trophies.  I know, the picture above is an optical illusion. The pile on the left only appears to have more aprons than the throw it out pile on the right. The fabric on the keep pile is thicker and therefore fluffier than the pile on the right.  I kept only my favorites that were special to me or had sentimental value. 

Throw it out!!

Discarding the awards was a tough decision, but I was finally ready to purge.  I have been lugging around these trophies,  placques and ribbons in an oversized tote bin for decades.  I even had awards from science and math fairs from my grammar school years.  To remember all of these achievements, I snapped photos of each one of them and removed the metal tags for keepsake.   I don’t know about you, but it feels good to get  rid of the stuff you don’t use and serve no purpose.  

On the agenda for this week, the letter “B”– bags, bakeware, baking supplies, baskets, bathrobes, bedding, bedspreads, belts, blankets, books, bookcases, boots, bras, brooches, brooms (indoor & outdoor)

TIP:  for all you ladies- open up that unmentionable drawer and get rid off all those bras you never wear! You know what I am talking about.  I’m guilty of keeping old bras for that just in case moment.  Any bra that is too big, too small, ripped or out off shape, just toss.  Trust me, you will feel so good when they are gone and you have room for new additions. 

TIP:  for all you men out there- I didn’t forget about you.  Examine and try on all those belts in your closet.  If they look wornout, discolored and don’t fit anymore- you know what to do. 

As you can see, I have selected more specific items vs. broad categories such as bedroom & basement.  The goal is  to make this process manageable and less daunting by targeting very specific items you can achieve in a short period of time.

Some questions you want to think about before getting started.  How many (fill in the blank) do I actually need or do I need this item at all? How often do I use this item?   Is the item broken, damaged, discolored in any way? Does it fit properly? Is it still in style? Does it still match my personality?  Is the item age appropriate? Am I keeping this item for sentimental reasons only?

For example, one of the items I chose last week was aprons.  I gathered a total of 13 aprons to sort through.  And I knew for a fact that there were a few more aprons stashed away in those holiday storage bins.  So now I ask myself, Do I really need 13+ aprons when I only wear them occasionally when I am cooking something that is going to splatter all over the place.  The answer is definitively NO. You get the drift and that is how the elimination process starts.

Getting started is as easy as A, B, C

Allocate enough uninterrupted time that you will need to tackle your item(s).  Typically an hour or two is enough unless you are a hoarder of a particular item.  And trust me, I know some categories and subcategories may take me days or weeks to tackle. But that’s ok because there is a strategy.

Begin your weed out cleanse by selecting one item from the list above that needs the most attention.  If you have the time to conquer all the items in the list, then by all means, go for it.  I will be creating a spreadsheet listing all of these items by household category so I can check them off my list when I have completed.  If you are interested in obtaining this spreadsheet, please email me in the comment section and I will send it to you via email. 

Centralize all of your items in an area that has enough light and room to spread out so you can start the sort.  Make sure you have full length mirror available if you are weeding out clothing items.  You may want to summon a friend or family member to give you the thumbs up or thumbs down on a particular item. I know it is time-consuming, but trying on your clothing items will help in the decision process.   

Once you have gathered all of your items, it’s time to begin the Weed Out Wednesday with the KATH approach. You will remember this purging process because it’s the first four letters of my name.  You have four piles to work with. Inspect each items carefully and place them wisely in the respective pile.

K- Keep it

A- Advertise on Craigslist, local newspaper, curbside or auction it off on Ebay

T- Throw it out

H- Help another person and the environment out by donating or recycling it

I will be reporting back next Wednesday with pictures of the categories I have tackled. I will be sure to write about my elimination process,  organizational ideas, and storage tips.  Just remember its one letter at a time.  Do what you can do! In time, your house will start feeling organized and spacious.

I would love to hear what “B” items you have chosen to weed out in the comment section. If there is another “B ” item that I missed just let me know and I will update the spreadsheet with your additions.  Have fun !