Laundry, Laundry GO AWAY!!

Laundry is one of those chores that is never done.  There is always something to wash, dry and fold.    Just think about how great it feels when you go to put away the last stitch of clean laundry from the laundry basket.  That feeling of accomplishment only lasts a few seconds/minutes.  Because at the end of the day,  you remove the clothes that are on your body and slip into your pj’s. In just that millisecond you have just created more laundry.  But how does a family of two generate so much laundry on a weekly basis? It baffles me.  According to my calculations, I should have approximately 134  pieces of clothing, towels and linens to wash on a weekly basis during the summer workout months.  The business side of me calculates that to  approximately 10 loads of laundry.  I have never actually counted the loads of laundry, but it just seems like there is more than 10 loads of laundry.
Laundry is probably a part-time job for those families with more than two.
I really do enjoy doing laundry.  It’s one of those brainless tasks that you can do throughout the week.   I try to throw a load of laundry in each day before my run so it’s ready for the dryer when I return home with more sweaty laundry on my body. 
I will let you in on my secret little laundry helper.  I’m sure you will all agree that the most time-consuming part of laundry is the folding and putting away the clean garments.  My little laundry helper makes folding a breeze and it does all the work for you.  All of your tops will be folded in seconds and the folding job will look like the shirts on the shelves of J.Crew.  I found this item in a pharmacy years ago on one of those “As Seen On TV” shelves.  It’s called the flip and fold (flipfold).
Here’s how it works. 
First, I try to keep the main clothes separated between darks and whites to make the washing and drying part easy. 
Darks & Whites

The three panel flip and fold works best when laid on a flat surface.  As you can see from the picture below, the flip and fold is set on my laundry table. Thanks honey for building me this table when we moved into our house.  If you don’t have a laundry table, any other flat surface or table would work just fine.   

The Flip & Fold

 You start out by laying out your top flat in the center of the board. 

I fold the sleeves in but you don’t have to do that.  The flip and fold will actually fold them in for you if you don’t want to do this step.

Next, flip the left panel over to the right, then flip the right panel over to the left.

As you can see your garment has been folded onto the middle panel.

The last step is to fold up the bottom half of the middle panel.

Final product, a neatly folded long sleeve running shirt.

I just love how all my shirts come out folded the same size. 

It makes putting away your clothes a breeze because they are all the same size.  I find that I can actually put more into my drawers with the uniform sizing effect.  And as a bonus, I don’t have to iron as much as a result of using the flip and fold. 

I would love to hear about any of your laundry tips or what your dread about doing laundry.