Techno Drama

Hello Readers,

I hope all of you enjoyed the beautiful weekend. The weather in Central New York was picture perfect.   On Sunday,  I participated in the Ironman Syracuse 70.3 relay division.  More will come later this week on how the Wanna 70.3sum team performed.  For some reason,  the relay team results have not been posted  yet and I want to give you all a full race recap.

For those of you have been regulars on this blog, you know and have read about how my iPhone crashed a week or so ago. And what a nightmare it was getting the phone back to its normal state with all of my wonderful apps, contacts, and email.  So far, so good and my phone is still working and is in tip-top shape.

But, on Monday last week, I started to have more issues with my home desktop computer.  This time no internet access whatsoever. Why do these technology crises always happen on a Monday? Not a good way to start the week. Again, hours and hours of phone support with Time Warner Cable and still no internet access.  The service technician that I spoke to was adamant that the problem was the modem and instructed me to exchange my existing modem right away at the local Time Warner store.  Off I went to Time Warner and picked up the new the modem that was supposed to fix all my problems.

After connecting the new modem to the router and computer, still no internet access. I have absolutely no idea on how many times I tried connecting and reconnecting the modem -router connection.  My husband was finally able to diagnose the problem with a little help from his tech savvy co-worker.  The security software running in the background on the home computer was  causing so much havoc with the performance and blocking access to the internet   Luckily, he was able to uninstall and reinstall the security software and got the computer running again. The internet in now working but the performance of the computer is still sluggish making it difficult to blog.

Our home computer is quite old so it was time to make the decision to upgrade.  I have been saying for years that once the home computer was on its last leg, I was converting to an Apple machine.  Aside from frustration from all of this techno drama happening to me, a part of me was secretly excited because I was finally going to get my Mac.

I thought that buying a new computer was going to be a fun experience, after all I was getting a Mac laptop.

The Apple store that I purchased my new Mac in is like a shoebox compared to Apple stores located in large metropolitan cities like NYC or Boston.  This teeny tiny store is always so crowded with so many people that it looks like a massive chaos of sardines scurrying around. Not to mention that this store has several employees wandering around lacking the knowledge necessary to highlight the benefits and features of these great Apple machines and products.  It is also annoying that this store does not have an area that is more private to handle financial transactions.  I felt uncomfortable sitting next to a women that had to use 4 different methods of payment to buy one computer.  I can’t imagine how humiliated she felt when her checks got declined by the system they used to verify account funds.

However, I walked into the store knowing exactly what I wanted, so I thought it would a simple purchase.  Needless to say, it took forever for me to walk out of the store with my little white briefcase looking box with the Apple logo.

Today, I am happy to report that I am blogging from my new MacBook Pro and couldn’t be more excited.  The performance is amazing and it works like a dream.  I’m still getting used to the idiosyncrasies of a Mac but I can tell you that I love this machine. So please bear with me as I blog through the learning curve.

Feel free to comment with any tips and techniques that you think will help as I transform from Windows to the world of Mac.