‘Tis the Season

Pottery Barn Catalog, October 2011

Yes, the Pottery Barn Home for the Holidays catalog arrived yesterday, September 21, 2011. And rumor has it that the Christmas displays filled with ornaments, wreaths, and wrapping paper have also arrived in stores near you. Just so you know there is 93 days until Christmas, so you better start shopping.

Why do retailers start to shove the holiday season up our you know what months in advance? Maybe it is just me, but I think the holiday displays start popping up earlier and earlier every year. Before you know it, the stores will be filled with this crap 365.

I’m really not a Grinch, but signs of Santa infuriates me in September. (kind of like designated parking spots for green vehicles and expectant mothers) Retailers just gloss over and bypass Halloween and Thanksgiving like they don’t exist. Maybe I missed those holiday displays in June while I was enjoying the outdoors in the summer.

Since tomorrow marks the first official day of fall, I leave you with a list of fall things to enjoy and the holiday alternative before the white flakes start falling from the sky.

I’m curious, would you rather be doing the fun fall activities or the holiday alternative.

1. Carve a pumpkin and roast the pumpkin seeds for a tasty snack. holiday alternative: carving a ham or turkey for a party of 10.

2. Enjoy the changing color palette of the leaves while they are still on the trees. holiday alternative: everything you see is red and green.

3. Eat some candy corn mixed with salty nuts for a snack. holiday alternative: peppermint candy canes.

4. Go pick some apples and enjoy a hayride wearing a sweater and jeans. holiday alternative: layer on the parka, hats & gloves and go pick out your Christmas tree.

5. Take a walk or run and fill your lungs with the fresh, cool, crisp air. holiday alternative: fill up those stockings hanging from the mantle with the junk people don’t need.

6. Sing karaoke or play guitar hero in the comforts of your warm home. holiday alternative: bundle up and walk house to house singing Christmas carols.

7. Rake some leaves if you feel you need to do some manual labor: holiday alternative: shovel mounds of snow.

8. Drink some hot apple cider. holiday alternative: drink warm egg nog

9. Decorate the outside of your house with cool witches, ghosts and goblins. holiday alternative: get frustrated untangling the twinkle lights and decide it’s easier to go and buy more.

10. Buy yourself a present that you love and will enjoy. holiday alternative: spend countless hours trying to figure out what to buy that special someone who has everything.

As always, I welcome your comments. Please, please comments. I really could use some dialogue with this blog.