Rock Gut

Why have I not learned my lesson about eating from fast food chains? You would think that at 46 years old, I would now know better.

But today I fell off the bandwagon and caved in to satisfy my cravings.  Lucky for me that these greasy cravings for slop only occur  every few months.

Don’t get me wrong, most days I try to fill my body with nutritional food that is supposed to be good for me with the occasional treat of potato chips and dip, cheap chocolate, or candy that is chewy and oh so gooey.  I could go on and on about my favorite candies but that topic is an entire post in itself.

I will now fess up- this healthy living blogger at a whole whopper topped with bacon and large french fries from Burger King.   The french fries just smelled so good, I couldn’t resist sizing up my order.  The food tasted so good going down but now I have rock gut.  You know when the food just sits in your stomach for hours and your body is mad at you for your decision.

I don’t know or really care about how many calories were in the meal that I just ate for lunch, I just know how awful my stomach feels right now. My stomach is making gurgling sounds that I have never heard before.

I had it my way today and now I will pay the price.  I hate when that happens. Experts say that visualization techniques can be applied to almost anything to overcome a fear or to change a bad habit. I think I will give this technique a try when I dream about eating fast food again.

The next time I think of this:

I need to visualize this to avoid the temptation:

Am I the only one that ever feels like this ? Please share your stories about foods that you crave that are not good for you in the comments section.  I need to know that I am not alone on this one. Anyone? Anyone?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and are able to get outside to take advantage of the beautiful weather in the forecast.