Watch and See

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” – Mark Twain

I really do not mind getting older but what does matter to me is all the visible changes that go along with this thing called aging. As if the prominent lines between my eyebrows and grey hairs were not enough telltale signs that I am over 40. Lucky for me, I have a good hair colorist to disguise the grey hairs. Now can somebody fix these eyes of mine? What’s next?

It was like someone flipped a switch when I turned 40 and took away my ability to focus on objects up close. I do remember the vision changes happened gradually and have gotten worse over time.

I first started to lose my ability to clearly read the clues in crossword puzzle. I made a mess out of the puzzle using white out correction tape all over the place to correct the answers written in the wrong boxes. My husband would not even try to make attempt at the puzzle after I was done because it was a complete mess. And he loves crossword puzzles. I think he secretly started copying them so he had a fresh puzzle to do when he got home from work.

Then I found myself ordering the specials at restaurants right after the waiter or waitress would recite them because I could no longer read the items on the dinner menu. I knew that I need to do something when I gave up and recruited another set of eyes to read the fine print of a serial number on the back of a product I needed to register with the manufacturer.

I could not live like this for long so I bought a pair of cheap magnifiers with a power of +1.00. Also known as reading glasses. I never thought that I would see the day when these tiny frames would become my new face accessory. Yup , I now admit at 46, that I need reading glasses for just about everything I do up close. In fact, the power on my reading glasses has increased to +1.50 power and I recently had the lenses on my eyeglasses replaced with bifocals.

The magnifying glasses work great when I am reading or working on my computer or iPhone in the comforts of home. However, I find it impossible to wear reading glasses while I am running just to see the digital numbers on my watch.

I am constantly scouring race expos and running magazines for new watches with large digital number displays that are not heavy and bulky. I have even purchased various watches with hope that I will be able to read the display while running.

My favorite watch to wear right now is the Nike+SportBand . The watch keeps track of my distance and pace for runs and it is easy to upload all of my running data to the computer. I love how the watch fits like a bracelet around my wrist and how it is pretty easy to see the numbers without any added visual aid. Another bonus is that I have found this watch to be relatively accurate with recording my pace and distance traveled. Then over this past weekend, I discovered that something bad happened to the hour number.

What happened to the 8?

As you can see a chunk of the bottom half of 8 is missing. Boo hoo, what did I do? I am happy to report that since the watch was less than a year old, Sports Authority exchanged my watch today without any problems. Don’t you just love great customer service.

I know that multifocal contact lenses or refractive surgery are both options but I have not heard good things about the multifocal contact lenses and don’t want to take any chances with surgery. So I will continue on with my Nike Sportsband. That is until something new and improved comes along for the visually challenged aging runner.

To all the younger readers out there-no need to worry about this right now but your day will come. Like it or not. So sorry to break the news.

To all the readers of a certain age- Do your require reading glasses to get through your day? Have you ever been in a situation where you needed them but didn’t have them? Please entertain me with your funny stories.