26.2 Baby

This morning Tim and I went for an easy 6 mile run despite the dreary rainy weather outside.  I didn’t get out of bed until 6:00am and was still feeling quite groggy even after 2 cups of coffee, so I had no idea how the run would feel.  It turned out that the run gave me the jolt I needed to start my day.  I love when the endorphins kick in.

Post run I enjoyed a green smoothie topped with granola that Tim concocted.  I have no idea what he put in the smoothie but I know for certain that the pint glass was not filled with Beck’s dark ale as labeled on the outside of the glass.

By now you have probably heard the headline news about the 27-year-old woman marathon runner that delivered a baby after crossing the Chicago Marathon finishing line last Sunday.  If not, here is a link to read the full coverage.

First of all,  you should know that I have never been pregnant so I have absolutely no idea how it feels to run while pregnant. I have heard from family, friends and medical professionals that doctors encourage exercise while pregnant to prevent some of the nasty side effects that go along with pregnancy.

I certainly understand the desire to keep running for the fear that it takes so long to get back into shape after any extended period of time off.    I can also tell you that I have learned the hard way by running through minor injuries for this same fear.  The minor injuries ultimately turned into major injuries that in the end forced me to take more time off from running then it would have if I had taken a few days off to heal the minor injury. Bottom line I was not hurting anyone else but myself by not listening to the signs and symptoms of injury.

I just don’t understand how any woman would feel the need to run a marathon at 39 weeks pregnant.  Moderate regular exercise is probably fine- but running/walking a marathon just seems like a selfish and stupid thing to do.  A marathon is hard enough to endure without the added stress that you can seriously harm yourself or an unborn child. I’m not sure any finisher medal would be worth the pain you would experience if something happened to the baby.

I would like to open up this discussion to hear what your thoughts are on this topic.  Is it ok to conquer the marathon distance with a bun in the oven?