Rest day

This morning I woke with all good intentions of meeting my friends at the track for a speed workout.  My mind was saying yes to running intervals; but, my body was telling me quite the opposite.

Yesterday, I felt pretty good considering I had just ran a half marathon the day before. In fact I ran/walked a little over 2 miles yesterday without any pain or stiffness.

However, this morning I felt like a Mack truck had run over my entire body and all the energy was sucked out of me.  My body ended up winning the battle I was having with my mind.  So I texted my friends and told them I just could not run today.  Back to bed I went for a couple more hours of zzz’s. The guilt I felt about no-showing at the track disappeared when my head hit the pillow.

In the past, I would have laced up my running sneakers and told myself that the fatigue would go away after a good sweaty run. I don’t know how many times I have been duped by that theory and ended up with some kind of injury as a result of hitting the pavement too hard or too soon after a race.

Granted, my current race times do not even compare to the finishing times I posted when I was racing at a much faster pace. I do believe that the recovery process is all relative based on your age and overall fitness level going into an event.

I have finally come to the realization that I would gain absolutely nothing by running through pain and soreness. It has only taken me 46 years to have this revelation. I never thought the word rest was in my vocabulary even with all the published research and articles promoting the importance of rest and recovery following intense exercise .

My goal for the rest of this week is to take it easy no matter what I decide to do in the form of exercise.  Perhaps a long nature walk or swim will do me some good. No worries, I’m sure that I will sneak a run in before Friday.

Do you feel any guilt when you don’t exercise as scheduled? I would love to hear what you do to recover from fatigue and soreness after a race? Please share your race recovery tips in the comments section.