I don’t know…

I would like to let my readers know that I took your advice and signed up for a coached masters swim class at my local YMCA. Thank you very much for the suggestion and encouragement – it was just what I needed to get me back into the water.

On Friday, I suited up and waited along the poolside chit chatting with the other members of the group while we waited for the swim instructor to arrive. About five minutes after the scheduled start time and no swim instructor in sight, I decided to flag a lifeguard down and ask what was going on.

The young lifeguard simply stated that the class that we all had signed up for was “probably” an unsupervised swim class and that we were on our own. She went on and told us that all the swim classes scheduled during the daytime are “always” unsupervised.  She pointed to a dry erase board that had a few swim workouts written on and told us that we should follow one of the workouts and that she would clear a swim lane for us. The three of us shivering in our swimsuits were not happy with this girls response because we all agreed that the only reason we signed up for the class was to receive some formal swim instructions so that we could improve our strokes.

Needless to say we all decided to march on over to the aquatic office to find out if what we were told by the lifeguard was indeed true. It ended up that our gut was right and there should have been a swim instructor present for our scheduled class.  The person who was in the know of what was going on, sincerely apologized for the mix up and told us that the instructor would make up an additional class so that we received the number of weeks that we were entitled to. I understand that mistakes do happen and was satisfied with the end result.

After about a half an hour wasted with the scheduling fiasco, I am happy to report that I ended up swimming a mile with one of the other members of the swim class who just happens to be my friend. We decided to follow one of the ladder workouts that was posted on the board. My arms and lungs were definitely feeling the effects of swimming toward the end of the workout.  It always amazes me that it doesn’t take long to lose the conditioning level that you worked many months to acquire.  It’s like starting at ground zero again. It’s my own fault; but at least I have a starting point again.

What really baffles me about this scenario is why did the young lifeguard just rattle off a quick response that ultimately upset all of us?  I do not understand why people have such a difficult time saying, “I don’t know”.  It’s ok to say that you don’t know something or better yet, take the initiative to seek out the correct answer.  Maybe it’s just me, but is seems like the level of customer service in this world is really lacking.  Whatever happened to the phrase “the customer is always right”? That is my rant for the day.

Have you noticed that customer service is not like it used to be? I don’t know the answer to why customer service has gotten so bad lately but maybe you know. I would enjoy reading your thoughts about this topic in the comments section.