Fast finger Irongirl

I registered for the 2012 Irongirl Syracuse on Tuesday, November 1st when the online registration officially opened.  It’s official, I’m in.  I have no idea what I will be doing next week, but I have already marked my calendar for Sunday, August 5th, 2012.

For some reason I was really nervous about getting a spot in the 2012 race because last year the event sold out in a matter of days. I made sure that my run and breakfast were complete by 7:45 am to make sure I had enough time to log on to my computer and to access the online registration screen promptly at 8:00am.

Weird “what if” thoughts kept running through my head like what if the network goes down during while I am entering in all of my demographic information, what if my debit card didn’t work for some odd reason…And just last night, my friend told me that she had heard that some local registrants were accidentally being forwarded to Las Vegas website and registering for this city instead of Syracuse. Yikes! After our telephone conversation I made sure to recheck my confirmation to ensure I didn’t flub anything up with the location.  Otherwise it would have been road trip to the sin city in May.

I had an inkling that the spots would sell out even faster this year with all the scuttlebutt I heard from several women upset that did not get the opportunity to race  due to the sold out event. There was also lots of media coverage leading up to registration day regarding the announcement that the Athleta Iron Girl Syracuse had made the commitment to stay in Syracuse for the next three years.


*As of 9:30 a.m. EST on November 2, the event is sold out.

Yup, that’s right the 1,300 slots were sold out in just a little over 24 hours.

Maybe it is just me; but, doesn’t it feel like so many running races and triathlons sell out in a matter of seconds. Registering for popular races is like scoring good tickets to see Dave Matthews or U2 perform live. Both are difficult to get.

If you are not signed in and on to your computer with your fast fingers nimble and ready to complete the online registration form when the atomic clock ticks the magic time, you could be shut out from the race you had eagerly anticipated on doing. The days of mailing in a registration form with a personal check is history.

Registering for Irongirl is forcing me to think about what other events I want to do in 2012.  I am contemplating another attempt at trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon one more time  before I turn 50. That gives me a couple of years to achieve that goal however I am not getting any younger. Sooner vs later is probably the best plan. I’m not making any definite training plans until after the holiday season.

What are your 2012 racing events? Have you already secured a spot in your dream event or did you get shut out due to high demand.  Share, share your stories in the comments.