What a beautiful November day! I just love these mild temperatures and sunny days this time of year.  Keep them coming! Every nice day means one less day in land of ice and snow.

This morning, I met my friend Linh at the Y for a short swim workout.  I’m trying to get to the pool more than one time a week to develop a solid base so swimming is not a shock to my system come spring  when I enter the open waters. I lost track of how many laps I swam today, so I have no idea what the total distance was. Oh well, who’s keeping track anyways.

I really do feel energized after I swim, and as of this year, I  have started to enjoy swimming. I just wish that I could figure out how to swim gracefully or like a real triathlete.  I have a feeling the 30 years of running has impacted the way I swim.  For some reason, my hips and legs sink to the bottom of the pool.  It’s like I have two anchors attached to my ankles dragging my lower extremities downward so my arms have to work twice as hard for me to get from point A to point B.   When I try to kick in the water, my knees bend like I am running outside.  I have tried several drills to practice my hip rotation and flutter kick without any noticeable success.

When I tell swim coaches about the phenomenon of how I do not move forward with foam kick board in hands, they are perplexed of why this is so. I have been working on this drill for two years now and have not noticed any improvement. The coaches I have worked with just tell me to put flippers on so I am not sitting on the sidelines waiting for the others in the group to complete the kick board drill.



It’s like I am the Tinman and need to oil my hip joints and ankles to get some  flexibility and fluidity in the bottom half of my body.  The buoyancy theory makes sense and I try to use my torso as a buoy to keep afloat. This sinking problem is why I love my wetsuit so much.   I would look silly wearing all that neoprene indoors in a heated pool, or would I?

Do you sink to the bottom when you swim? Do you have any tips to keep me afloat?  I promise you that I will persevere and figure this float thing out.