Wifely Mixover

It all started on Sunday…. Tim and I participated in World Run Day last Sunday as we had planned.  Our goal for World Run Day was to run/walk 6-7 miles on one of our normal running routes.

"No Excuses" Kathleen

“No Excuses” Kathleen

"No Excuses" Tim

“No Excuses” Tim

And so it began… On our walk breaks Tim talked about how he was so excited to finally make homemade bagels for breakfast after our run.  He had been eyeing a recipe for homemade bagels ever singe the November 2011 Cooking Light magazine arrived in our mailbox.   Tim decided  that Sunday was the day that he would make his first attempt at bagel making.  The bread flour, yeast and other ingredients were all fresh and set to go when we returned home from our run.
In an effort to save time and and save the heel of his hands, Tim opted for a handy little stand mixer helper for the kneading of the dough process. He cleaned up the Sunbeam mixer that was stored on a shelf in our basement for years.  We inherited this stand mixer from his mom when she upgraded to a powerful KitchenAid mixer. I would say that the hand-me-down mixer had been used a total of 2 times for homemade cupcakes since we received it.  It was perfect mixer for what we needed and the amount of baking going on in our house.

Now you are probably wondering why I have a picture of the stand mixer outside.  It turns out that the mixer did not have enough oomph and endurance to massage the dough mixture to its desired smooth and elastic consistency and stopped working mid-way through the first batch.  Yup, the Sunbeam mixer burned out from the strenuous dough ball workout and has now headed to the recycle bin for retirement on trash day.  I’m not sure what I was doing or if my olfactory senses were not working properly,  because I missed all of the excitement.  I had no idea that burning smoke was billowing out of the top of the machine when it decided to kick the bucket.

Tim finished kneading the dough by hand, shape the dough into traditional bagel forms, boiled and finished them off for 17 minutes in the oven.   These bagels were  so delicious, I didn’t even need to add any cream cheese or butter.  He topped them with rosemary, thyme, parmesan cheese, sea salt, sesame seeds, onion.  You name it, he made it.  Take a lookey for yourself.



Now here is where the wifely takeover begins.  After trashing the stand mixer and almost retiring the hand mixer, Tim decided to research a replacement for the stand mixer.  I really did not understand the urgency to get the mixer since we barely used the one we had. I also knew that any decent replacement would cost us some money because we don’t buy junk when it comes to kitchen appliances or anything for that matter.

He narrowed down his selection to the Kitchenaid brand.  Even though the Whirlpool Corporation  bought out Hobart/Kitchenaid  in the late 80’s  the quality and reputation of the KitchenAid brand mixers were still very good, despite a few negative reviews about the lifespan of the mixers since Whirpool bought them out.

Tim wanted a mixer with enough wattage to handle heavy and stiff mixtures like dough with the bowl-lift mixer style to raise and lower the bowl.  I agreed that the bowl-lift feature was nice because you didn’t have to worry about extra space needs in order tilt the head back and forth just to remove the bowl.

The next step was to decide how powerful and how many quart mixing capacity did we need.

It came down to one of the following: KitchenAid Pro 600 with a 575 watt & 6 quart capacity or the KitchenAid Pro 500 with a 325 watt & 5 quart capacity.

We went to several stores in the area and could only find the 600 model to see up close and personal.   I even called Williams Sonoma to ask if they had the 500 model to compare and was told that I should come in to the store and look at the new 7 quart capacity model.  No thank you – I knew how big the 600 model was.

The hefty shipping fees that we would have had to pay on top of the cost of the mixer on the 500 series got us closer to the cost of the 600.  The offset in shipping cost combined with not wanting to have size -up regrets later, we purchased the 600 model.

Take a look at this mixer or new addition to our kitchen.

AKA "Piglet"

AKA “Piglet”

Keep in mind that this was Tim’s idea and did all the leg work researching the brands and features of mixtures.  I still wasn’t convinced we needed a new mixer even after all of his research because I just didn’t think we baked that much.

We ended up buying the mixer anyways and I got to pick the color.   As you can see, I went with a neutral base color versus some of the other bold color options available.  I love pops of vibrant colors for certain things; but,  decided that a neutral shade would be best for something I would have for a long time.

Do you see how I have started to shift the ownership of this mixer to me now when I started talking about the color? Since I had the luxury of bringing this mixer home with me from the store two days ago, I have already made two batches of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and 1 pound of pizza dough. Again, who is playing with the new toy?




Have you even taken over your spouses new toy?? Tell, tell your stories in the comment section.