Happy Almost Thanksgiving

Hello Readers,

I know that I haven’t been posting regularly lately and for that I am sorry.  I have been extremely busy taking care of going back to school business.  I am hoping to be on a somewhat of regular blog post schedule some time next week.  I don’t remember all of this paperwork and appointments when I went back to school for my MBA or for my undergrad eons ago in the 1980s.

I did have the opportunity to tour the Morrisville State College campus today and was impressed on how beautiful the campus is.  It is a small quaint campus with a home town feel. All the classroom buildings are conveniently located in one general area which means I will not have to walk miles in the blustery snow and wind to get from one class to another.  Yay!

Hope you all have a feast and fun planned for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I am looking forward to some R&R with Tim. We still haven’t decided if we are running in one of the many turkey trot races going on.  I will keep you posted!

Be safe if you are heading out on Black Friday.