Size Does Matter

Men have it easy for the most part when it comes to buying clothes that fit. All they need to do is have accurate sizing measurements of their neck, chest, arm length, waist and inseam to find apparel that fits.



On the other hand, women need to understand each and every retailer, manufacturer, brand and designer within the brand to make clothes work for their body type. And even with that knowledge, you can be way off the mark when you go to the dressing room to try the garments on from your favorite fashion designers. I have learned that a size is not a size for women. To complicate matters even more, women need to understand the differences and be able to convert between US and European sizing charts.

This is so frustrating for me. I wish companies would back off of vanity sizing so I can have a benchmark of what my real size it. It would save a lot of time, frustration and money returning items that do not fit properly the first time. Tim just shakes his head when he sees me repacking the item for exchange seconds after opening the box. I believe he has come to accept the exchange process in our household because it happens on just about everything that arrives at the doorstep.

As you may recall, when I lost my job in May and stopped snacking all day, I lost 5 pounds. That does not sound like much weight; but, on my 5’4″ frame it’s a lot. I recently disposed of 30 pairs of JCrew wool garbadine wool slacks that I absolutely loved because they were beyond repair by alteration. I wore these trousers regularly to work because they were so comfortable and worked with all of my blouses and blazers. I’m so happy that there is no urgent need to replace these bottoms now since my uniform for school with be 100% casual. I’m also too afraid to order anything online now since the sizing charts have probably changed yet once again since I last purchased an item.



I should just forget about a new pair of jeans that fit properly until I can get to a store that sells all the brands that I like to wear. Syracuse stores do not carry the denim brands that I like so I have to travel or rely on customer sizing reviews online before I hit enter to buy. I should also plan on spending an entire day in the dressing room since designer denim sizing is so skewed. Having an athletic build with muscular thighs and large calve circumference doesn’t help matters either. I have to plan on sizing up a couple of sizes just to get the legs to slide up over my calves if I do not want to smear vaseline all over my lower half to get them on. Then I need to schedule a trip to my tailor to have the waist and hips taken in. Not to mention, the supermodel length chopped off and hemmed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was such a thing as uniform standard sizing for women? I don’t know about you but who cares what size the garment is as long as it fits properly. Being a negative 00 means nothing nowadays. No, I am not a negative 00. There’s got to be a better way to help us ladies because size does matter when it comes to fit.

Tell me what you think about vanity sizing? Love it or hate it? Should it stay or should it go now?

Have a wonderful weekend! I hear Link & Zelda in Ocarina of Time 3D calling my name now.. so time to journey to the top of death mountain to see what secret treasures I will find.