When will I ever learn…

You would think that at age 46 that I would know better.  Or would I?

New Year’s Eve started out innocently.  Tim & I picked up all our supplies and ingredients at the grocery store Friday night for our stay at home New Year’s Eve appetizer celebration.  The menu included homemade guacamole with fresh salsa and chips, shrimp cocktail, california rolls, and rolls made from scratch.  Of course, I cannot forget about the highlight of the night- the pot of lentil soup that was simmering on the stove that could feed an army, literally, at the stroke of midnight. Eating soup at midnight has been a tradition of ours since we got together 11 years ago.  Everybody knows that if you eat lots of legumes on New Years you will have a prosperous year and good luck.

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See – just a few munchies to snack on in front of an open fire while relaxing  in our warm and fuzzy pajamas until the soup was ready to eat at midnight. Nothing wrong with all of that!

We decided that we would also enjoy a glass of red wine with our appetizers. After all, it has been one entire year since Tim has enjoyed a glass of vino. I can’t say the same for myself about abstaining from wine.  But I can tell you that I don’t drink the aged grapes like I used to.  Tim even got the clearance to have alcohol months ago from his top-notch doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital; but, by choice Tim decided to keep his digestive organs clean and free from alcohol and I can’t say that I blame him.

Had I known that Tim was going to sip on some wine, I would have stopped at the liquor store to buy a respectable wine for his indulgence.  Unfortunately, we had to resort to the bottles of “cheap” wine a/k/a “headache in a bottle” lingering in our cabinet that was left over from many many years ago.  The only reason I kept this bottle of wine was to use it for sauce.  With that in mind, I continued to empty the leftover good wine into the tomato sauce.

Then all of a sudden, I heard my phone buzz with a text message from my friend Linh asking me if I had planned on running the Resolution Run this year.  I quickly responded and said of course I will be running as I do this run just about every year on New Years Day. A few text messages back and forth and before I knew it, Linh and her husband Rob were on their way over to our house for a visit.

I had to alert them that they needed to bring alcohol if they wanted any since we only had cheap wine to offer.   All of the liquor stores were closed for the day by the time they were heading over to our house so I had no other choice but to tell them to BYOB.  Keep in mind that Rob & Linh know great wine and there was no way I would offer them the crap we were drinking.  Trust me one glass of quality wine at the “D” house is enough to make you brighten your smile if you know what I mean.

They opted to bring a nice bottle of champagne to enjoy while we were talking non-stop and catching up on what was going on in our lives.  It seemed like so much time had gone by since the five four of us were together. I don’t think there was even a lapse of a nano second without a word.  In fact, there were times during the night the four of us were all talking at the same time.  This is just how it is when we all get together.  I am very sad that the fifth person was missing (Adrienne) from all this excitement and chitter chatter.

Fast forward to midnight with our lentil soup steadied on TV trays while watching the ball drop, we were still drinking. At this point, we were emptying the remnants of the cheap wine into our champagne glasses and drinking it. Before I knew it I glanced at the clock while I was cleaning up the mess in the kitchen and it was 2:00am.  I knew that I would be sorry when my wake up alarm buzzed me out of needed REM’s in 5 hours.

The really cheap bottle of wine was not worthy of appearing in the photo

The really cheap bottle of wine was not worthy of appearing in the photo

Snooze, snooze, snooze is what I did every time that crazy alarm sounded off.  I kept calculating in my fuzzy state the latest I could get out of bed and still run the race that started at 10:11am. I managed to stumble out of bed around 8:00 with the worst hangover headache I have had in years. My head felt like it was going to explode.   It was awful.  I chugged Gatorade, coconut water and just about anything with electrolytes.  I even ate a couple of cookies to see if the sugar would magically make the headache go away.

When all else fails, take 2 Tylenol and a shower.  I don’t know why and I don’t care but those little pills cleared the cloud and thumping going on in my head.  I made it the Resolution Run and ended up having a decent 4.5 mile run.  But never ever again!

The moral of my story is that I should know better than to mix my alcohol.  The cheap wine and champagne combo is never ever good.

The bottom line is that I would probably do it all over again (all except the cheap wine)- it was way too much fun to ring in the New Year with great friends.

Happy New Year again to all! I would love to read how you celebrated the New Year in the comments section.