Back on track

It’s been a little over 7 months since I have had a regular routine or schedule to follow. I have to say that I am getting psyched about starting school in a few weeks. This is the first time in my adult life that I have not been employed and I gotta say it feels kind of weird.  It’s definitely time to reintroduce some craziness into my life. School, job, marathon.. bring it on!

My husband used to laugh and would say that I had too much on my plate and wondered why I continually would say yes and jam so much more on my already full plate. I used to dream about not having a job and thought that if I didn’t work I would get so much more accomplished in my life. Granted there is only so much cleaning and organizing one can do to pass the hours in the days away.  I used to think about all the fitness classes I would take that were only offered during normal business hours so I could get in better shape.  In reality, the only exercise class I took was a beginner master’s swim class at the YMCA that lasted 7 weeks. And by the way, I missed the last 3 swim classes for important reasons like decorating Tim’s angry bird birthday cupcakes.

In some ways, I feel that all of this time off has made me less efficient and organized if that makes any sense.  It became easy for me to get in a rut and to start to procrastinate my to-do list because I knew that if it didn’t get done today, there was always tomorrow.

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’m a little or a lot OCD.  I’m the kind of person that is compulsively early or on-time and the kind of person that takes pictures of my shoes and adheres the photo to the outside of the box for easy reference. I also need to have all of my CD’s and DVD’s alphabetized.  I’m sure you get the picture and know people like this.



IMG_0733 IMG_0732


It really feels good to ease into a new routine.  I have started to haul my butt out of bed around 5:00am again so it’s not a shock to my system on the first day of classes. Things in my life are settling down right now and it feels good.  I will have to remember to review this post if I start to get overwhelmed with life again and remember that I like busy.

I’m curious, are you the type of person that enjoys a schedule or do you prefer the flexibility to get things done on your own time! Please feel free to share your stories.