Taste of Spring in January

I just love the winter we are having this year in Syracuse, NY. It is very rare to see temperatures in the upper 40s in January. With the added sunshine and clear roads, I’m happy as a clam. Keep it coming.

I really don’t mind running in the colder weather but when the temperatures drop into the low teens and the wind chill is below zero with a lake effect snow storm , running outside can be brutal for the mind, spirit and body. As long as the roads are not covered with ice and snow, I’m one of those crazy people who will still makes a go for running outside because I can’t bear the thought of running on the Dreadmill (with a capital D) at home or the gym.

Trust me, I have made several attempts to become a fan of the Dreadmill and end up parting ways after the test run. I don’t know what is worse – the way I alter my stride once the platform begins to roll or if it is the boredom that sets in after staring at the digital monitor for 5 minutes wishing I could crank up the speed and make time go by faster. I have even tried listening to music to pass the time and still hated every minute of it.

I’m just not an indoor gym girl. I have not been on a bike since Irongirl in August. There is no excuse for that. My “kermit the frog”Kurt Kinetic trainer lives in my basement separated from the bike. That is why I have a love hate relationship with triathlons and why I will never be very good at the event. The training / racing season is short here in Syracuse and I just cannot find the motivation to train indoors in the off-season that lasts forever.

I applaud all of you diehard athletes that have the discipline to continue your training throughout the winter months. You guys rock and your finishing times prove your dedication!

Just some thoughts on a beautiful SUNNY January 6th day in Syracuse! Have a wonderful weekend wherever you live!

Are you an indoor or outdoor or both athlete? Tell me your workout preference in the comments section.