1 down 17 to go

Happy Monday,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and had lots of fun.  I am happy to report that my marathon training officially started yesterday with my first hour and forty-five minute run since the Empire Half Marathon on October 16, 2011.

I can’t officially call that time or distance a long run because years ago my training partners  (Coach & K) taught me that it is not considered a “long” run unless the distance is 20 miles.  For some reason that long run training philosophy has stuck with me ever since.

Nevertheless, it felt good to pound the pavement without any stops for that amount of time.   January will be the month to build more weekly miles into my routine so I have enough time to run several 20 plus training runs in preparation for the Flying Pig Marathon on May 7th.  I am aiming for 6-8 training runs to cover that “long” distance to give me the confidence and endurance I need to cover the 26.2 distance come May.

I’m definitely a proponent of “more is more” when it comes to marathon training.  I know that there are several training philosophies out there that contradict my method of madness, but I need to dig deep into my training archives and follow what has worked for me in the past if I want to accomplish the goal I have set.

I can tell you that times have changed since the old marathon training days in the late 1990s. I would spend Sunday afternoons soaking in a hot tub for hours, drinking beer & wine and watching VHS recordings of Seinfield & Friends post long run.  And once our skin resembled a shriveled up raisin, we knew it was time to dry off and  feast on K’s pasta fagioli and italian bread before calling it a day.

Times have definitely changed somewhat since then. There was definitely a day long feast yesterday following the run but the alcohol consumption and soaking in the hot tub elements were just fond memories of the past.  It seems like I had so much extra time back then to train hard, goof off and do nothing but lounge after a workout.

I thought it was appropriate to kick off the Pig training with my dinner plate filled with a pig meal-  juicy ham, wild rice & quinoa, and salad.  Everything was delish! I munched all day long because that is what I do when I train for a marathon or it would be more accurate to say that I munched more than I normally do on any given Sunday.



Marathon training is hard and takes a lot of discipline- trust me, I know from experience.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Once again, I am officially out of marathon retirement and only 17 weeks to go before the pig day!

What is your method of madness when marathon training? How many miles = a long run for you?  Tell, tell and feel free to disagree about my concept of what is considered a long run.