Snow day? NOT

Winter has officially arrived in Syracuse, NY. Today is the first day that Syracuse will see any significant snow accumulation for the 2011-2012  winter season. The weather forecasters are predicting lake effect snow with 15-30 mph winds in addition to the snow storm.  And if you are familiar with the lake effect effect, that could mean some serious snow for this area.

I woke up to the sound of pouring rain or maybe it was sleet pelting the roof at 5:00am this morning. Not the best wake up call to motivate you to get out of a cozy bed.   There definitely was some  pounding of the snooze button going on because I knew by the sounds of things going on outside that it was going to be a miserable day for a run.  Tim declared that he was not going to run if it continued to pour, but said if it turned to snow he would make a go for it. I decided it was a good idea to just follow his lead this morning.

One minute I was drinking my first cup of java watching the rain come down and the next minute I looked outside to see that the rain had turned to snow.  The snow falling from the sky meant it was time to suit up to face the elements.    It was coming down pretty heavy by the time I was dressed and ready to hit the roads.  Today was a double-decker layer of all clothing before topping my body off with Gore-tex running suit, hat, mask, and mittens before heading outside. Do you get the picture? I think all of my clothing added 10 pounds so there was no way that I was going to add another 10 pounds by taking a picture of me. Besides the outer Gore-tex color layer combination is hideous.  I don’t really care how I look as long as I stay dry and warm, right?


Tim and I decided that it was probably best to alter our running route to avoid roads with heavy traffic. The roads were completely covered with snow and  Trust me when I say it’s dangerous to run on some of these roads in ideal weather conditions with the amount of reckless drivers on the road neglecting all traffic rules known to mankind.  But that is another story for another day.

We managed to run just about 5 miles at 9:00 minute pace.  Not too shabby considering the dismal weather, inconsiderate drivers that do not know how to adjust their speed, and slippery and snow-covered roads.  Running in crappy weather makes you strong! I just have to keep telling myself that!

Nothing like a refreshing smoothie post run to recharge the spirit!

Beep Beep!

Beep Beep!

Have a great weekend and if you live in an area affected by the store – be safe! I’m looking forward to my “longish” run on Sunday- the plan is to repeat 1:45.

It’s a comment/feedback free for all to say anything- what’s on your mind or agenda for the weekend? Any topics you would like to read about?