Back Plank

Hello and TGIF-

What a busy busy week this has been for me.  My classes have officially started and I am extremely excited to start using my brain again.  Not that my brain ever stopped working, it just needed a little jolt and stimulation in another direction.

On Monday I attended freshman orientation to gather all my essentials (parking pass, student ID card & a go zillion dollars worth of books) to start the next chapter in my life. I have to say that I was a little sticker shocked at how much the books for Anatomy & Physiology and Biology courses cost.  I even tried searching online for some book deals and came up empty-handed because I could not find a deal to justify the shipping costs.  The days of searching shelves full of used and new textbooks for the books you need must be a thing of the past.  It was so nice handing the employee of the bookstore a sheet a paper with my course schedule outlined and being called up to the cashier once the books were gathered.  What a time saver that was.  Now if I can only find a forklift or  stylish backpack to lug the fifty pounds of books back and forth to class I would be golden.

The highlight of my studies this week was on Tuesday in my first A&P lab.  All of us in the class was given the task to explore the inner organs of a rat.  The instructor drew the letter “I” on the blackboard for the method of cutting the rodent and told us to have fun and explore. I have to say it was pretty cool viewing all the mini vital organs of a dead rat and I can’t wait to dissect the eye and cat in the upcoming weeks.

Other than settling in to this new schedule and the thirty mile commute each way all has been good for the first week. If you guessed that Nutrition is my favorite class- you are right on. It’s amazing how much I really don’t know about the science of nutrition and how there is so much more to nutrition than just food and calories.

Running and exercise has been so-so this week for me.  Early in the week I slipped on a sheet of ice and went down into a back plank position in less than a split second. I know that planking is a popular trend right now but trust me this is not the way I wanted to debut my first plank in public. Luckily 911 was not needed at the scene of the fall.

The black asphalt can be deceiving this time of year with the wintry mix of rain and snow Syracuse has been receiving all week.  A thin layer of ice can coat the black pavement which can give the appearance of just a wet road but in actuality it is a sheet of slippery ice- this creates dangerous footing for those who venture outdoors for a little exercise.  I’m fortunate  that I only experienced some pain to my neck, shoulders, back and butt because the trauma could have been a lot worse.

What are your plans for the weekend? I’m hoping to get a longer run in to keep building my marathon foundation.

Do you remember what animal you dissected in high school? Did you love it or hate it? Spill your guts in the comments..