Happy Trails To Me

Greetings Readers,

Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful Memorial Day Weekend and did something fun and fabulous. My weekend was filled with good fun and food with Tim. And I am delighted to report a few miles of non-stop running was added into my schedule during this past holiday weekend.

About a week ago I when I discovered that my body was able to tolerate some running on softer surfaces, I knew that it was time reintroduce my body to trail running on a regular basis. It’s been a long time since I have done any consistent training on trails, so it will take some time to get used to the obstacles on the course. Cross country was my favorite running season in high school and college so in a way this injury has given me the opportunity to have some fun again.

There is nothing like losing yourself on miles and miles of trails with beautiful trees surrounded by water to escape the sweltering humidity and frying pan surface of asphalt in the city. Not to mention all the cute little chipmunks sprinting along the side of me in search for their favorite nut.



Knowing that the road to my recovery will need some TLC (time loving cross-country) on my part, I decided to purchase the Empire Passport all-season pass to gain access to all of the wonderful New York State Parks in Central New York and New York State. I stopped purchasing this pass several years ago when I heard in the media that their was a concern with the growing population of deer ticks that had infested some of the beautiful trail areas I liked to run on. Some of these tiny deer ticks have the potential of transmitting Lyme disease which is a bacterial infection that can have some potential long-term nasty side effects if not treated early.

Deer ticks are still a concern for the trails near my house; but, I’ll take my chances if it means I can run. I will be prepared with a pair of needle nose tweezers and rubbing alcohol pads in my car in the event one of these blood sucking eight-legged arachnids finds their way onto my skin for their next meal.

In preparation for my new training regime on the rugged terrain, Tim decided that we needed to make a pit stop to the mall for some good gripping trail sneakers. He actually spotted these pretties for me. At first, I didn’t think they were that pretty; but, the vivid color combo of aquarius, cobalt, black and silver started to grow on me once I had them on my feet. Not that I purchase my running sneakers based on style anymore. I learned my lesson long ago that decisions based on style and color of a running sneaker is basically an injury waiting to happen.



I have already taken these babies out on a few test runs and all I have to say is WOW these shoes are amazing and I love them! They are not too heavy or clunky like some trail shoes are designed and gripped the dirt, rocks, tree roots, and damp mulch like no other sneakers I have had on my feet. Moral of the story, never judge a sneaker by its color!

Until we meet again, Happy Trails to Me! So psyched to feel the sweat again!

Do you prefer trails over asphalt or concrete for your walking or running workout? Would love to hear what your preference is and why in the comments…