Taste of Syracuse (at home)


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Throughout the week, I was hem hawing on whether or not I wanted to make the trek to Downtown Syracuse to attend the Taste of Syracuse. The weather forecast was possible rain showers, so Tim and I decided to stay home to enjoy our own Taste of Syracuse.

Over the weekend, downtown Syracuse kicked off the summer season with the Taste of Syracuse. Several local restaurants, food & beverage vendors, wineries and exhibitors set up their booths to offer patrons $1 samples to try the hot food & beverage items off their menu. I’m still a little confused why the Taste of Syracuse has included some chain restaurants like Applebees, Arby’s, and Pizza Hut into the mix. After all this was the Taste of Syracuse not Taste of Fast Food Chains.

There were also 3 stages featuring live bands playing music all throughout the day and night featuring the southern rock band .38 Special to headline the main stage on Saturday night.

The only part of the Taste of Syracuse I really wanted to attend was Paige’s Butterfly 5K Run. I really missed running this race this year. It’s always a fun race and the proceeds are dedicated to raising money for the research against fighting pediatric cancer and I am all about supporting cancer research. Hopefully, I will be back to run Paige’s next year.

The weather forecast was probably just a lame excuse not to go downtown for the festival. I really opted to stay home because I just remembered from past years how crowded this event can get. I’m not a fan of waiting in line for an hour for a ramekin size sample of food. Then to have the juiced up fans later in the evening smashing into you, spilling draft beer all over you and dashing the flying slices of pizza while trying to enjoy some music, is not my idea of a good time. Maybe it’s just my old age; but I would much rather support the Syracuse local restaurants and businesses while sitting down at their establishment.

Our home Taste of Syracuse menu on Saturday night dinner included Charcoal Bar-B-Que chicken, Dinosaur-Style Bar-B-Que Beans, and Coleslaw all from The Dinosaur Bar B Que cookbook. In my opinion, the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que restaurant is by far the best barbecue restaurant in Syracuse. The Dinosaur is definitely one of those restaurants that is a definite must go if you are ever in the Syracuse area. Dinosaur has also opened up restaurants in Rochester, NY, Troy, NY, Harlem, NY and Newark, NJ.

I think Tim and I did a pretty good job following the recipes and came close to the real deal. My dinner was delish and I can’t wait to make this menu again. It took Tim and I less than an hour to prepare all this food and enjoyed some beers while the chick, chick was slow cooking over the coals.

Taste of Syracuse- Home Style

Taste of Syracuse- Home Style

Well, it’s my last day of freedom before summer classes start tomorrow bright and early. I keep telling myself, it’s only for 8 weeks. Have a wonderful Monday.

What did you have for dinner over the weekend? Anything good ?? What’s your favorite barbecue food?