Should I race or should I watch now…

Happy Friday!

Don’t you just love Fridays?  Especially when it’s sunny without a cloud in the sky, warm and the start of the weekend. What’s not to like.

This week has been rather hectic for me; hence, the lack of any blog posts.

I kicked off the week bright and early on Monday with a trip to the dentist and ended the week with a fresh haircut and highlight.  Of course there was lots and lots of studying going on in the middle.

I normally don’t mind going and actually look forward to my routine cleaning and x-rays visits.   But I was dreading this appointment.  At my last visit, my dentist told me that I needed to have a little of work done that involved some anesthetic and drilling.  I was dreading the appointment because the tooth that needed a lot of attention was one of my molars that had previously been worked on years ago and I remembered how much time that drill was in my mouth to reach the cavity area.  Apparently, I had developed another cavity that was even deeper and close to the root so I knew that I would be in the reclining chair for a while.

My dentist took care of me so that I was extremely comfortable and did not feel a thing. Whatever Dr. L used to numb me, I recommend that drug. That was until the electrical tools became silent after the decay had been removed and she inserted a metal band thingy instrument to isolate the tooth so she could insert composite to fill in the empty space.  It was not painful but it felt like my so tightly packed teeth were being pulled apart. I’m sure I don’t have the dental technical jargon right or even the process,  but in any event, it felt like my teeth were being pulled apart.  My tooth is all happy again and I hope I don’t have to see a drill again for a long long time.  Maybe this was a sign to monitor my intake of sugary and gummy treats.

I did manage to get in some good runs this week on the trails prior to the day long study sessions with “S” at Panera.   Not that I am seriously training for anything, it feels good that my stride is coming back and I am recording some 8 something per minute miles for 5-6 miles of uninterrupted running.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I do not have any time related goals this summer.  I don’t even want to go there because I don’t want to take 10 steps back and be out of the loop for something stupid I do.   The lineup of runs (note: I’m not using the word race) that I have scheduled:  Chase Corporate Challenge next Tuesday, 4th of July 5k & Utica 15k Boilermaker.  And now I am in the process of debating if it makes sense for me to do Irongirl sprint triathlon come August.

My doctor recently told me that if I get on the bike too soon, I run the risk of throwing my hip alignment way out of kilter which could result in another setback. This doc did not say that it was out of the question, but did suggest that hard cycling during the stage of rebuilding my body could potentially send me back to the sidelines.  The jury is still out on that one so I’ll keep you posted.  If Irongirl organizers allowed a deferment or transfer, it would be a no brainer- I would opt out.  But  I hate throwing $100 plus out the window for race entry fees because of the “what if” I reinjure myself,  so I have no idea what to do.

I’m sure that if I took each leg really of the triathlon really easy, I could finish the event; but, would I be satisfied with just finishing? That is my major dilemma now. Have you ever been in this predicament? If so, what would you do – race or watch ? I would love to hear your suggestions because this is a hard decision for me to make.

Have a wonderful weekend!