Going To Healthy Living Summit in a Sweet & Spicy Egg Basket

WILD HARVEST Sweet & Spicy Egg Baskets

When I registered for the upcoming Healthy Living Summit this year, I opted to participate in the 2012 WILD HARVEST Blogger Recipe Contest. WILD HARVEST is a major sponsor of the conference and SUPERVALU INC. sent me a box full of WILD HARVEST organic and natural products to sample and use in preparation in a breakfast recipe for the contest.

Here is a photo of the ingredients that were sent to me compliment of SUPERVALU, INC.



And here’s the three ingredients I chose for my WILD HARVEST Sweet & Spicy Egg Baskets.



A Chopped contestant I am not nor will I ever claim to be. However, I treated this contest like it was by using the ingredients that were sent to me. The rules stated that I needed to use 3 ingredients in the recipe. I actually used four. In my box, there was a coupon for WILD HARVEST eggs; however, no supermarket near my home sold the WILD HARVEST products, so I took the liberty to use another brand of organic eggs.

This recipe is super simple and takes no time to prep. I wanted to make a breakfast recipe that is easy to make and eatable on the go.



10 Organic Eggs (preferably WILD HARVEST)

1 Tablespoon WILD HARVEST Ground Cayenne Pepper

2-3 cups WILD HARVEST Natural Cherry Vanilla Granola

1/2 can WILD HARVEST Organic Black Beans

Non-stick cooking spray

KItchen Tools/ Prep:

Mixing bowl



Measuring spoon

12 aluminum muffin cups

Muffin pan

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Line muffin pan with 12 muffin cups and lightly spray the bottoms with the non-stick cooking spray.

RECIPE: Whisk 10 large organic eggs in mixing bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of WILD HARVEST Ground Cayenne Pepper & 1/2 can of beans to the mixture. Fill the muffin cups with the egg & bean mixture almost to the top. Leave approximately 1/8th of an inch for the crunchy WILD HARVEST Cherry Vanilla Granola goodness. Insert muffin pan to preheated oven for 12 minutes then pull out the pan and top the mixture with a tablespoon or so of WILD HARVEST Cherry Vanilla Granola. Place the pan back into the over for another 8 minutes and you are ready to eat! Note: cooking time may vary depending on how firm you like your eggs.

And there you have it – WILD HARVEST Sweet & Spicy Egg Baskets!