I don’t know how he does it! PAN he CAN!!

The Boilermaker was a blast once again this year! If a picture can paint a fifty  thousand words to describe the fun going on at the post race party, why don’t you see for yourself.


Someone in this photo ran a PR!

Someone in this photo ran a PR!

I am not aware of any other race that costs a measly 35 bucks to enter and offers so many amenities, goodies and festivities for the runners and their families and community.  Seriously, this race does not cost that much to enter compared to other races this size and magnitude.

Over the years, I have heard some grumbling from fellow runners complaining that you only get a commemorative 12-oz pilsner mug with boilermaker logo instead of the customary t-shirt.  Just so you know, I am a huge fan of the pilsner mugs because they are more functional and fun to collect.  Sadly, one of my earlier mugs hit the deck and smashed into pieces during clean-up following a dinner party with running friends.  (I still need to scope eBay out to see if that glass can be replaced).  You even get free transportation from the finish line to the start of the race if you plan accordingly.

I highly recommend the Boilermaker race (15k or 5K) to all runners at least once in your lifetime.  Trust me, you will not regret your decision.

I did manage to finish this race with a time of 1:52:52- Yes, the slowest Boilermaker time or per mile race time in my running career.  I’m OK with the end result because 2 months ago, I wasn’t running a step so at least there’s some progress to report.  Basically, I ran and walked the 9.3 mile course.

Moving on to the most exciting news about this years Boilermaker.  In case you are new to my blog and haven’t read about what happened to my husband a little over a year ago, I will refresh your memory.

On April 4, 2011, my husband Tim was diagnosed with stage IIB pancreatic cancer following an extremely complicated operation at Johns Hopkins HospitalPancreaticoduodenectomy- aka The Classic Whipple procedure.  Basically, all of his digestive organs were either removed, dissected and resected back together again.  Luckily, Tim had the best surgeon in the world, Dr. John Cameron,  perform this intensive 7 hour plus operation and received an optimistic outcome/prognosis as a result of his surgical hands.

A few weeks post surgery, Tim & I returned to Baltimore so he could undergo adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation therapy for 6 weeks at Johns Hopkins Hospital followed by 12 weeks of infusion chemotherapy close to home last fall.

Exactly 6 weeks after Tim’s surgery, he was given the green light from Dr. Cameron to introduce running back into his routine.

Tim took his first few jogging steps with his foot long incision down the center of his abdomen healing.  Several of my friends that had c-sections commented that they were astonished that he was even able to walk and did not understand how he was managing to run.

And run he did and hasn’t stopped since. Not only is he running but he is PRing in just about every race he enters.

How does he do it?? I have no idea but my husband is the most amazing man in the world!  Nothing gets in his way (not even a pancreatic cancer diagnosis) to accomplish his personal, professional and running goals.  He just does it and doesn’t look back!!

Tim finished this years Boilermaker in 1:11:02- 7:38 per mile – He shaved off over 5 minutes off his best time in this race.  Not only did he PR at Boilermaker but only 4 days prior ran the Cazenovia  4th of July 10 miler race in 1:19:31 -7:58 per mile- despite the unruly heat & humidity on the 4th of July. Tim even trained for the Toronto Marathon during the last stages of his treatment plan.

If Tim’s story is not an inspiration, I don’t know what is.  When I get stressed about stupid, small stuff that I have no control of,  I stop and think about what he has been through and how he approaches each day with determination and positive attitude.

On that note, we both had a blast at the Boilermaker with empty Saranac  cups to prove it.

I took it easy on the brew ha ha this year!             There's always next year.

I took it easy on the brew ha ha this year!
There’s always next year.