It’s Gold for Caffeileen!

I can’t think of a better time than during the Olympics to receive anything gold, can you?  Obviously, I did not receive a gold medal for my athletic ability but I received the next best thing for my drive and determination to set the world record on how many coffees I could consume to achieve gold.

Gotta love GOLD!

My quest for gold began when I read the following on Sweet Tater’s Blog regarding her excitement when she received her Starbuck’s Gold Card in the mail.  After reading her post about all the free coffee refills and other goodies you get when you possess such a card, I naturally did what any other caffeinaholic would do for free coffee-RESEARCH.  I admit, I pouted for a few moments because I had no clue that such an exclusive card existed and once I came to my senses, I went to the Starbuck’s website to see what I needed to do to become part of the gold club.

So I  read what I needed to do to reach gold standard and now started to get mad because I knew for a fact that I would have attained gold status long ago with how much Starbuck’s coffee I drink.   Then, I planned and plotted my strategy accordingly so I didn’t waste any time.

You have to also know that the number of Starbuck’s coffee shops are not a dime a dozen here in Syracuse.  They are scattered around the city of Syracuse in various suburbs so a car and strategic driving routes were necessary in planning my attack.

Lucky for me, I passed by a Starbuck’s every time I went to Green Lakes to workout so it was a no brainer I would accumulate gold stars on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  Unfortunately, Tuesdays and Thursdays were days that I was traveling to Norwich, NY for school and trust me when I say a Starbuck’s coffee shop would be the last thing you would ever see on those country roads lined with farms and cows.

Once the weekends arrived, I was psyched because of my plus one (Tim) who would go with me to Green Lakes and would be thirsty and need a pick me up after the run to conquer our weekend errands.  That meant weekend days were double gold stars for Caffeileen.  I took no chances and wanted every star earned so I asked the barista to ring up each beverage separately because nobody had a clue if I got credit for two if the ordered was processed as a single transaction.   And I must thank Tim for his weekly donations to the card so I could reach my goal sooner vs. later.

However, the first Saturday Tim was with me and listened to all of my chatter about how I wanted this gold card like yesterday and what my plan was to get it, meanwhile a line was forming out the door as we proceeded to the register.  Tim told me to just hand the lady $500 and be done with it.  It was funny and I guess you had to be there to get the full effect of his sarcasm;  but. I opted to do it the legit way and earn each and every gold star.  Tim bought into my gold journey and continues to support my cause.

Once I heard the chime after the 30th star dropped into the imaginary cup on my Starbuck’s app, I knew I was golden.  In fact, my first free coffee coupon will be arriving soon since I have consumed 15 more Skinny Caramel Macchiatto’s with an extra shot and extra hot since receiving my very own gold personalized card.

I don’t know about you but little things like free coffee refills make me smile!

Am I the only one that gets this excited over Starbuck’s coffee? I would love to read what kind of things makes you smile in the comments.