Just an Average Size Fat Guy Trying to Make a Living

As I mentioned in a previous post, Tim will sharing his journey to health & weight loss and the trials and tribulations experienced along the way. Tim will be sharing stories that will highlight the good, the bad, the ugly and the utmost devastating that changed his life.

Without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce you all to Tim – my husband, my love, my life.

And so it began…

I don’t know who coined that phrase or where I heard it first or I would be giving the appropriate credit, but I started using it years ago to deflect attention or down play a complement because they make me feel uncomfortable. I’m not sure at what point or why I always shied away from the lime lite but I never did like a bunch of uninvited attention.

Maybe it stemmed from the torment I took in high school for my academic drive – hanging with the “in” jock crowd pretending that athletics meant more to me than my GPA so I didn’t get obnoxious criticism from my buds and team mates. So – I laid low hid my grades from everyone. I was so good at hiding this and “playing dumb” that when I showed up to graduation everyone’s jaws hit the deck and I got the comment “what are those gold things hanging around your neck? – who’d you steal

Well – life went on without a hitch after high school – had a fun 4 years in college as an under achiever and landed a position in a local CPA firm before the end of my junior year – Therefore, senior year? Yup – I did even less work and had even more fun. My – if my parents knew they spent all that money to send me to a 4 year party I’m pretty sure they’d be asking for a refund? However, I did manage to play 4 years of college lacrosse and spent a ton of time at the gym. If’ I would have focused on my studies as much as my conditioning, I would have had a better GPA overall.

Out of school and into a public accounting career, I did learn quickly that (as my Father would say) W-O-R-K is not a local radio station. Good thing I had fun in college because from then on it was nothing but work and worry for the last 20 years. So much work and worry – and so little exercise – I porked up – REALLY porked up – like 80lbs – yep – lots of miles on the road and lots of fast food and eating on the run. I did keep my jaws in pretty good shape as all I did was work and eat. Not being very tall – I coined the name for myself as the “average size fat guy” You know – the one that thinks because he’s walking the 18 holes on the golf course (to justify the lengthy stay at the 19th hole after) and a night at my favorite local pub walking the 7’ 9” back and forth to the dartboard was keeping in shape. The first two beers put on more weight than I’d burned off in a week of 18 hole workouts – so let’s not mention the 10 that followed the first two!!!

Didn’t really think too much about it – it just kind of happened. Then along came my future wife – fit, trim and beautiful – the athlete that looks like the model. And – she picked me!!!! One look in the mirror after that and it was all history – a little embarrassed to say the least that I’d let myself go so far – it was time to make a change and try to start looking good for the looker and take back a little self-respect. So I put my foot down and said “I’m dropping 50 and getting back into shape by the end of next month – Roar!!– Right?

Who is that man with the microphone?

WRONG – not that easy. Holy Cow!!! Literally –

Holy Cow is right – I fired out the front door the next day after work with all kinds of ambitious thoughts and positive attitude and a heaping portion of “beer muscles” heading out for my first run – after 20 years. I was back in the door three minutes and .25 miles later collapsing on the couch wondering if I was going to have to call 9-1-1 to revive me.

Thoroughly embarrassed about my first outing – I was inside on the treadmill for the next year. Too prideful to let any of my neighbors see me walking and struggling. So much for “next month” – a year later and not much change in the short fat guy – the only race I was qualified for was our local pub crawl race in Syracuse that qualified racers must have a waistline that measures larger than one’s inseam.

K tried to encourage longer runs – at an earlier time in the morning – Hmmm? That would be when I said “I’ll never get up that early in the AM – nor will I ever run that far or for that long – YOU’RE SICK -THIS S^*T IS NOT MY LIFE” – HMMMM ?? Little did I know how addictive that “S%*T” was/is.

Fast forward several months, maybe a year, and things started to change. Little by little the waist line on my pants were not so tight. Next – I discovered what the second hole on the belt is for – and it’s not just for decoration like I thought for several years before. I discovered that the pounds actually do come back off – just not nearly as fast as they go on.

Was about a year or so and I signed up for my first 10K …

More to come on my first official road race.