The Bronzed Foot

Over the weekend I attended the Healthy Living Summit in Boston and I will be posting a recap later this week to share the highlights of the social activities I participated in and what I learned at the conference. The conference was a blast and I can’t wait to write about it but I thought that this post was more appropriate since my fall semester begins today.

At the last-minute Tim worked out his work schedule so he could join me on my travels to Boston.  I was so excited about his decision to go with me because we have never spent any time together in Boston since we have been together.  I knew that we would be able to paint the town red after the HLS’s session ended on Saturday and we would have all day Sunday to explore.

We left early Friday morning and made decent time getting there even with a few pit stops thanks to Tim being in the driver’s seat.  I knew that we were close to our final destination when I spied the iconic CITGO sign which is a famous landmark that overlooks Kenmore Square.  I do need to point out that one should not be fooled like I was when you see this sign when running the Boston Marathon.  Someone once told me at the starting line of my first Boston Marathon that once I saw the CITGO sign,  I was near the finish line. NOT!  If I remember correctly I spotted that sign at mile 20 and still had 6.2 miles to go.  Remember:  Objects that appear in front of you when running the Boston Marathon are not as close as they appear.


After the closing remarks of the HLS, Tim & I hopped in the car and headed over to the Harvard University campus to walk around and find a place for dinner.


The historic brick buildings, wrought iron fences and gates surrounding the perfectly manicured grassy area in Harvard Yard were absolutely beautiful.   We even snapped a few photos of us rubbing the shiny bronzed foot on the John Harvard statue that is located in front of University Hall.   This statue is known as the statue of three lies because nothing about the engraved three lines in the front of the monument is true.  However, rumor has it if you rub the foot on the statue, good luck will follow.

Knowing that my fall semester would  be starting today, I figured it couldn’t hurt to rub the foot and wish for a semester filled with academic success.  I hope my wishes come true.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Do you believe in superstitions that can bring you good luck like rubbing John Harvard’s foot on a statue?  Share, share your secrets in the comments.