Trail Time

Note:  I’m sorry if you have received some of my posts that are in process or half done…. Don’t know what has happened with my blog but somehow it has published without me pressing the publishing key…. I need to look into.

Today is day number 2 of my fall semester and so far so good.  And I have sneaky feeling that I am really going to enjoy my classes this semester for two good reasons.

The first- I will be taking two of my classes at the Copper Turret Restaurant in Morrisville, NY.  There will be some classroom instruction on food safety, theory, etc. as well as some serious kitchen time dedicated to understanding the food service industry, improving my culinary ability and food preparation skills. That means I will be slicing, dicing, chopping and bopping doing whatever is asked of me so I can get a good grade.  I am really looking forward to improving my knife skills and expanding my horizons in the kitchen. To be honest, I really could use a lot of help in the knife skill category because I cut everything with a small serrated knife. Tim is always worried that I’m going to chop off a finger or two in the process.  I know, I know serrated knives are primarily used to slice bread not vegetables, meat, and the contents of the refrigerator.

The second- Is this textbook.  Don’t you just love the beautiful photo of the artichoke on the cover?  This book is definitely over priced but for all of the amazing cooking techniques you get and recipes to go along with each food category section, I think it is totally worth the price.   I’ll let you know what I think of it as I delve into the chapters.  I also needed to purchase a subscription for culinary lab online for purposes of the class.


So I survived the long lines at the college bookstore and made it out alive to tell you about it.

After my class today, I wanted to explore the Harry Lang Cross Country Trails located behind Colgate University in Hamilton, NY.   Years and years ago, (I’m talking late 1990’s) I remembered one of the Rave Runs in Runner’s World  featured a picture and short article about the beautifully groomed running trails in Hamilton, NY.   Every year since I saw that article I have been meaning to go there for a run but never have.

Unfortunately, I could not locate the photo or article from Runner’s World in my old magazine collection or the internet but wanted to share this picture I found online so you can see what I mean about how inviting the trails are.

Photo of Harry Lang Cross Country Trails & 3 runners - c/o Internet

Photo of Harry Lang Cross Country Trails & 3 runners – c/o Internet

I decided that today seemed like a good day to finally check these trails out.  One of my classmates, Lauren, decided that she wanted to join me since she is considering a half marathon in the fall.


It took us about 10 minutes to go from the Morrisville campus to the Colgate Campus and about 20 minutes driving up and down some serious hills with two stop and ask someone for help on where we needed to go to find these trails; but eventually we found trails.

Let’s just say that today was a day of exploration.  We found awesome trails to run on and other trails that were not so great for even walking.  This discovery was worth the agony of the rocks and roots.  I definitely plan on going back there now that I am acclimated to the lay of the land, the landmarks – it will make my trail map more meaningful!