Boilermaker Record Sell Out

I can’t believe that the 2013 Utica Boilermaker 15k & 5k races are closed.  Registration opened for the 15k race on Saturday, January 12th at 12:01am and was to full capacity with 14,000 registered runners by Monday, January 14th some time around 8pm.  I think the 5K had its 4,500 runners by Tuesday.


I have run this race approximately 20 times and never thought that the day would come that I would have to worry about getting in.  Boy, I was wrong and I am so glad that Tim insisted we register on opening day.  Last year, the race sold out some time in March which I thought was record pace for sell out but c’mon now I have to mark my calendar every year with a reminder to sit by laptop with fast fingers to ensure a spot. Oh well, that seems to be the trend with road races and triathlons.

I am happy for the city of Utica and the organizers of this race because IMO it is one of the best 15K’s in the country.  Boilermaker is near and dear to my heart and is one of my favorite races of all time.  This is the race where I PR’d in the 15K and received an age group award which is probably my favorite award of all time.   In case you were wondering, my former last name was Iacuone and this is my finishing time and place in 1994.  I was 29 years old when I ran this race back in 1994 and if a miracle happened and I ran this same pace this year, it would place me in approximately the same overall standings (450-550th overall).  I would have to kick up my running pace a couple hundred of notches again to see those mile pace numbers is the 6’s and I don’t foresee that happening.    A girl can only dream!


1994 Utica Boilermaker 15k


Utica, NY


July 10, 1994


536 Kathleen M. Iacuone Syracuse        NY


8/182:F25-29 F#  47 1:03:32  6:49


Besides the awesome fans lining the entire 9.3 miles cheering all the runner’s on with festive music blasting, where else can you find a race that puts on the most amazing post race party serving kegs of beer at 9am on a Sunday?  Anywhere? Anywhere? Bueller?

Last years Boilermaker race was a joke for me and I had no business running or should I say walking most of it.  I did finish and paid the price for my idiotic decision to run this race by not being able to run for 3+ months after.  BIG mistake!

As I mentioned in a post a few weeks back that I am happy to be running consistently again.  I am consciously restricting myself from too much too soon and too fast mentality.  Therefore, I have no race expectations for myself besides finishing.  I will tell you that I am running/jogging or walking the Boilermaker, duh! and the 4 mile Tipperary Hill Shamrock – Run -duh because I’m Irish and haven’t missed one of those races since inception.  I have contemplated a half marathon late March but will not make any decision until closer to race day.

Part of me wants redemption in the finishing time category for both the Boilermaker & Tipp Hill races because of my disappointment with both of them last year.  I am not sure if I posted anything on this blog after the Tipperary Hill race; but this is the race when I first experienced the inability to run or walk another step at mile two of the race (literally- my legs did not move for minutes). I managed to finish but my time was nothing to write home about.

I decided that I will make up my mind of what my body will do come race day.  I’m definitely not going to jinx myself by proclaiming any lofty time goals to the world. If I feel great and just run, I will be happy.   I just have to accept the fact that I may not post times like I used to and certain runner’s that I used to place in front of will run right by me.   More on that topic in another post – can you tell that I’m still coping with the finishing time issue.. but every day it gets better.

Making strides is where it’s at for me now.  Can’t say if my mentality will change in the next couple of months on the racing forefront but we’ll have to wait and see.

Please let me know if you are running Boilermaker this year?  Did you make the final cut? What about your thoughts on all these good races selling out like there’s no tomorrow.. love it or hate it?  Love to know your thoughts.