It’s almost over!

Well hello there,

I know it’s been a long time since I posted anything on Fittitude Freedom.  My erratic full-time school schedule, new job, and everyday responsibilities consumed so much of my free time, I had to send Fittitude Freedom on an uninterrupted cyber vacation. I am happy to say that it’s almost over and it feels good.   Only one more final exam on the agenda for tomorrow and I will be officially D-O-N-E!  Let’s party!

Here’s a few photos of what I have been up to.  I plan to elaborate on the details of most of these photos in future posts to share the fun and not so much fun I had along the way.  It’s almost all good.


A line cook or as the French call this position in the kitchen “The Grillardin” in the Classical Brigade System… Don’t you think the french version of sweating over a hot grill and  flipping burger position sound so much more glamorous?

Flipping Burgers & Grilling Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Flipping Burgers & Grilling Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

A Front of the House Restaurant Manager

A waitress

A photographer

A chemistry student

A rainbow of colors

And last but not least…. The world’s biggest GRE loather

At the end of the day semester, all the craziness was worth it and most of it was fun.   My schedule was all over the place so much that I had to have daily calendar alerts to notify me where I needed to be and what time I needed to be there.  In fact, I had to create Tim his own schedule so he had some idea of my whereabouts.  Just about everyday he would say “good luck on your test sweetie” because he had no idea if I were coming or going and he wanted to cover all bases.

There you have it, the highlights of my life and why FF has been incognito for a while.

Have a wonderful day!